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Buzz! The Music Quiz

Buzz! The Music Quiz

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Region - PAL

Buzzers are sold separately

Buzz! The Music Quiz, developed by Relentless Software and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, invites players to test their music knowledge in a fun and interactive way on the PlayStation 2 console. Designed to be played with the Buzz! Buzzers, this multiplayer trivia game brings the excitement of a music quiz show right into the living room.

In Buzz! The Music Quiz, players can compete in various music-themed challenges, answering questions about artists, songs, albums, and music history across different genres and eras. With a vast library of questions and a variety of game modes, including solo play and multiplayer battles, the game offers a comprehensive music trivia experience for players of all levels. The Buzz! Buzzers enhance the gameplay by allowing players to buzz in and answer questions quickly, adding an element of competition and excitement.

Featuring a lively presentation, energetic music, and the charismatic host, Buzz, the game captures the spirit of a music quiz show. Whether playing with friends, family, or challenging yourself in single-player mode, Buzz! The Music Quiz offers an entertaining and engaging way to test your music knowledge. Get ready to groove to the beat, prove your music prowess, and become the ultimate music trivia champion in Buzz! The Music Quiz on the PlayStation 2.

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