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Disney's Treasure Planet

Disney's Treasure Planet

السعر الطبيعي 10.000 BHD
السعر الطبيعي سعر التخفيض 10.000 BHD
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سعر الشحن يحسب عند الدفع

Region - PAL

Disney's Treasure Planet takes players on a swashbuckling adventure across the stars in this action-packed game for the PlayStation 1 console. Based on the animated film of the same name, this game immerses players in a futuristic world filled with treasure, danger, and thrilling space battles.

In Disney's Treasure Planet, players assume the role of Jim Hawkins, a young adventurer who sets off on a quest to find the legendary Treasure Planet. Joined by his trusted companions, including the charismatic John Silver, Jim must navigate through treacherous environments, solve puzzles, and engage in fast-paced action sequences to uncover the hidden riches of the universe. From exploring alien planets to piloting a spaceship, players will encounter colorful characters, face formidable enemies, and discover the true meaning of friendship and bravery.

With its vibrant visuals, captivating storyline, and varied gameplay mechanics, Disney's Treasure Planet captures the spirit of the animated film and brings it to life on the PlayStation 1. Whether battling space pirates, uncovering hidden treasures, or soaring through the stars, players will be swept away in an intergalactic adventure that combines exploration, platforming, and thrilling combat. Prepare to set sail for a grand journey across the cosmos in Disney's Treasure Planet.

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