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Need For Speed: Carbon

Need For Speed: Carbon

السعر الطبيعي 10.000 BHD
السعر الطبيعي سعر التخفيض 10.000 BHD
البيع نفذ
سعر الشحن يحسب عند الدفع

Region - PAL

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Gamer's Haven Online Presents: Need for Speed Carbon for PSP - Own the City at Breakneck Speed

Calling all racing enthusiasts and handheld gaming fans across the GCC, from the shimmering coastlines of Abu Dhabi to the bustling streets of Riyadh, and spanning Doha, Kuwait City, Manama, and Muscat, prepare for high-octane action. Gamer's Haven Online is excited to offer "Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City" for the PlayStation Portable (PSP), a game that puts you behind the wheel in a race for control of the urban landscape.

Need for Speed Carbon for PSP: Dive into an intense, adrenaline-pumping racing experience as you battle to take over territories in Carbon City. "Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City" creates a unique handheld version of the console experience, focusing on crew-based gameplay and an engaging storyline.

Race through the night in a variety of highly customizable cars, from tuners to muscle cars to exotics, making strategic choices about your crew and their abilities. Each race feels personal as you take on rival crews, dodge the police, and navigate through hazardous cityscapes.

The PSP edition of "Need for Speed Carbon" stands out with its unique plot twists and turns, alongside crew member skills that impact gameplay, such as blockers, drafters, and scouts. The game’s robust customization options allow you to tweak performance and aesthetics, giving you full control to stylize and upgrade your rides.

Engage in thrilling races, time trials, and drift challenges in a portable format that doesn’t compromise on excitement. Whether you're playing during a commute or on your couch, "Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City" brings the definitive street racing experience to the palm of your hands.

Get ready to dominate the streets and drift into the fast lane with "Need for Speed Carbon" for PSP, available now at Gamer's Haven Online. Rev up your engines, gather your crew, and make your mark in Carbon City.


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