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FIFA Street

FIFA Street

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Region - PAL

Unleash the raw, unpredictable energy of street soccer with FIFA Street. This dynamic game, developed by EA Sports, redefines soccer play with fast-paced, skillful maneuvering, and an emphasis on individual style.

Get ready to experience a highly stylized interpretation of the beautiful game where creativity and flair take center stage. Your stage is the streets, futsal courts, and rooftop arenas across the globe - from the favelas of Brazil to the cobbled streets of Amsterdam.

Master over-the-top moves and all the ball-handling skills you'll need to dominate in challenging one-on-one and team games. Execute flashy trick moves, electrifying passes, and spectacular airborne shots that will leave both spectators and opponents in awe.

The game features a robust and in-depth career mode that lets you build your own player and team from scratch. Gain reputation points and rewards as you progress, enhancing your team's skills and your player's style.

Each player's skills are rated based on four categories - speed, skills, tricks, and strategy. Your job is to build the best team possible, emphasizing a balance of these attributes. Play against friends or AI in various game modes, including Panna Rules, Futsal, and Last Man Standing.

FIFA Street offers a more immersive gaming experience to our players in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar.

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