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FIFA Street 2

FIFA Street 2

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Region - PAL

Take to the streets once again with FIFA Street 2, a game that breaks all the rules and norms of traditional football. This unconventional offering from EA Sports BIG focuses on flair, style, and trickery, reinterpreting the world's most popular sport in a fresh, exciting way.

FIFA Street 2 transports you to the world of street football, where players exhibit flashy tricks, slick maneuvers, and spectacular goals. From the back alleys of Amsterdam to the vibrant futsal courts of Rio de Janeiro, this game is your passport to the world's most intense urban football locales.

The game offers a total of 320 pro superstars from 20 teams, each boasting their unique style and flashy tricks. Master the game's intuitive trick stick control system to perform mind-bending skills that will leave opponents in the dust and fans in awe.

In the immersive career mode, create your player from scratch and rise through the ranks of street football from an unknown local talent to a worldwide phenomenon. Win games, earn skill bills, and use them to upgrade your player's abilities and aesthetics, making him the ultimate street football superstar.

FIFA Street 2 is perfect for our players in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar.


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