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Evil Dead: Regeneration

Evil Dead: Regeneration

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Region - PAL 

Gamer's Haven Online is delighted to take our dedicated fans in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait on a thrilling horror journey with "Evil Dead: Regeneration" for the PlayStation 2!

Immerse yourself in the chilling and humorous continuation of the Evil Dead story. Dive into an original storyline, perfectly blending the eccentric humor and horror the series is renowned for. Join Ash, the chainsaw-wielding, wise-cracking hero, as he teams up with a half-sized sidekick, Sam, in a gruesome quest to save his soul from malevolent forces.

The PS2's powerful capabilities have been utilized to bring forth detailed environments, atmospheric lighting, and grotesque monsters. Players can expect a varied combat experience, seamlessly integrating Ash's iconic chainsaw and shotgun, ensuring the Deadites don't stand a chance.

Whether you're a die-hard fan of the Evil Dead series or a newcomer seeking a thrilling action-adventure game, "Evil Dead: Regeneration" promises hours of blood-curdling fun.

Bring the undead nightmare into your gaming collection. Secure your copy from Gamer's Haven Online now and get groovy with Ash in this unparalleled horror experience!

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