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Rugrats: Totally Angelica

Rugrats: Totally Angelica

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Region - PAL

Rugrats: Totally Angelica, developed by Art Co., Ltd. and published by THQ, brings the popular animated TV show to life on the PlayStation 1 console. Released in 2000, this game allows players to join Angelica Pickles, the sassy and imaginative character from the Rugrats series, on a fun and fashionable adventure.

In Rugrats: Totally Angelica, players assume the role of Angelica as she navigates through various levels, each with its own unique theme and challenges. The game offers a blend of platforming, puzzle-solving, and mini-games, providing a diverse gameplay experience. Players can explore Angelica's world, interact with familiar characters from the show, and collect stylish outfits and accessories to customize their character.

With its colorful visuals, charming animations, and playful sound design, Rugrats: Totally Angelica captures the essence of the Rugrats universe. The game's light-hearted atmosphere and entertaining gameplay make it suitable for fans of the show and young players alike. Join Angelica and her Rugrats friends on an exciting adventure filled with laughter, imagination, and fashionable fun in Rugrats: Totally Angelica for the PlayStation 1.

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