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Sly Raccoon

Sly Raccoon

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Region - PAL 

Sly Raccoon and the Thievius Raccoonus is an action-adventure platformer game released for the PlayStation 2 in 2002. The game follows the story of Sly Cooper, a charismatic raccoon and master thief, who is on a quest to recover the stolen pages of his family's ancient thieving guidebook, the "Thievius Raccoonus".

The game combines platforming, stealth, and action gameplay elements, requiring players to navigate various environments, avoid detection, and outsmart enemies using Sly's agility and cunning. The vibrant cell-shaded graphics create a distinctive and memorable visual style that sets it apart from other games of its era.

Sly is accompanied by his loyal crew, Bentley the turtle and Murray the hippopotamus, who provide valuable support and contribute their unique abilities to the team's objectives. The game is divided into five episodes, each featuring a challenging boss battle against a member of the Fiendish Five, the group responsible for stealing the Thievius Raccoonus.

Today: Sly Cooper, one of the best PS2 games ever released, is a classic PlayStation 2 game that has been enjoyed by fans for years. This action-adventure title features a unique blend of stealth gameplay and platforming elements, making it a hidden gem within the PS2 game library. There are four installments in the series, with each release building upon the previous one, showcasing a consistently high level of quality in the franchise. Newcomers to the series can find Sly Cooper game walkthroughs, guides, and cheats online to help them master this iconic title. As one of the top PS2 games, Sly Cooper has a strong community of fans who often discuss the game's memorable characters, engaging storylines, and thrilling multiplayer modes. With the recent surge in interest in PS2 classics, many fans are hoping for a Sly Cooper remaster, which would introduce the game to a new generation of players.

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